Management Training for Organisations

Axiom works with organisations to align and prioritise investment in capabilities and development with functional or organisational strategy and goals, identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours that support the strategic aims or functions of an organisation, develop metrics to evaluate the business impact from learning and development as well as identify the opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and development operations or prepare for business and technical request gathering.

Bespoke Programme

Axiom carries out bespoke services to organisations through the use of a customised model to mitigate organisational challenges. Axiom modifies policy to accommodate organisation’s particular preferences and expectations, making it suitable to meet the needs of that organisation.

CSR Project & Implementation (Advisory Services)

Axiom Learning Solutions have its CSR but also function as a solutions provider for companies who want to implement CSR in education.

CSR is gradually gaining momentum in Nigeria, many companies are now conscious of how their practices, processes, products and procedures remain ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Since this is not a core business strategy for most companies, there is a continuous struggle to ensure CSR activities are philanthropic as well as impact the company’s reputation positively.

Axiom takes this burden off companies by helping to design structure and implement CSR initiatives. We develop strategies that underpin the company’s CSR objectives, and ensure these activities have a positive impact on all stakeholders including the environment and local communities.

Project Design & Implementation

Axiom provides consultancy services to design and implement projects to private sector companies that desire to systematically achieve specific and timely goals. Specific project management activities we focus on includes:


Axiom research focuses on realistic and evidence-based best practices that is relevant to time and can make businesses thrive in the face of any weather that is peculiar to the enterprise. Our research compiles global best practices that foster reliable and sustainable business activities.


Axiom works with the public sector on a PPP arrangement to provide logistics that bridge the infrastructural and logistical gaps in the education framework, whilst allowing the public sector resources to concentrate on core educational needs and requirements.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our training programmes are nationally accredited and developed in partnership with the relevant governing bodies.


Axiom Learning Solutions Ltd. has developed a number of strategic partnerships with a range of organisations which include schools, non-profit organisations and corporate organisations in both private and public sectors. Contact us to enquire about partnership opportunities.