Teacher Training/Development

Axiom trains teachers and school leaders in public and private sector institutions, to increase their capacity to support student achievement and success. Axiom has developed specific modules for school managers, stakeholders and government agency representatives responsible for supervision and compliance in the schools system. Our training modules have been tailor-made to fit the current education climate and to enhance and improve teaching standards. We have introduced innovative methods of teaching courses, which are backed by research to positively impact the many dimensions of learning and classroom management

  • Internationally recognised training for general education, special education needs topics (SENDS- Special Education Needs and Disabilities) and Multigrade teaching instruction (for nomadic schools, migrant fisherman settlements and rural settings).
  • Develop content and train teachers on methodology for inclusive classroom, which will create an environment where pupils living with disabilities can learn with other regular pupils.

Teacher Training/Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Raising levels of educational attainment starts with providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most.

Teachers and school leaders deserve professional development opportunities that give them the support they need, raise their capabilities and enable them to collaborate and share best practices. Axiom has developed a strong presence and enviable reputation for excellence in the arena of continuous professional development for teachers and school leaders; from coaching individual principals to designing state-wide evaluation systems to training in essential skills. Our range of courses are designed to assist teachers and school leaders to engage with new learning and teaching techniques and dialogue.

Our aim is to:

  • Inspire teachers and school leaders to engage with educational development opportunities that we provide to help support and develop their academic excellence, creativity and innovation in practice.
  • Work in partnership with educational institutions to create transformational and supportive learning experiences for all.

Targeted Training Programmes

Axiom Learning Solutions Ltd. delivers on-going, essential skills training to teachers ranging from basic instruction in the use of technology through to off-the-shelf training modules.

  • Individual/ Group Sessions

We deliver bespoke training services in areas via a range of scheduled/ individual sessions on request.

Teacher Assessment & Evaluation Systems

Teacher Evaluation Systems

A large majority of teacher evaluation systems fail to give schools meaningful information about teacher performance or provide teachers with the useful feedback they deserve as professionals. Without feedback, sustainable improvements will not be made. Axiom Learning Solutions Ltd. helps states and educational authorities create rigorous, fair and accurate teacher evaluation and development systems centred on how teachers are performing in their most critical role: advancing student learning.

Developing School Leadership

Meaningful evaluations depend on strong school leaders. Axiom Learning Solutions Ltd. helps principals and assistant principals embrace their primary responsibility as instructional leaders – assessing instruction, delivering helpful feedback, and building effective teaching teams. With a clearer understanding of individual teachers’ strengths and weaknesses, school leaders can make informed decisions about teacher hiring and staffing, development, compensation, promotion and retention.

Education Policy Advisory

Design of Education Management Framework

We research, compile, disseminate and promote evidence-based best practices with the twin goals of raising standards of learning and development and supporting our clients in the achievement of an effective education management framework. E-Learning is incorporated in education management framework to enhance performance and also to also enable clients meet up with the competitive global technology.

Curriculum Development


Axiom carries out training for school administrators, head teachers and teachers on the use of technology such as mobile apps, digitised content etc. to enhance performance and also to enable them meet up with the global best practices.

Axiom Academy

Axiom Academy consists of the following:

  • Axiom- Early Learning Academy (on hold till 2017)
  • Careers Advisory Services (on hold till 2017)
  • Vocational Learning Academy:

Early Childhood Development

Affordable Schools

It is fundamental that human development commences at the early child stage and to ensure a proper child development there must be a cognitive check and balances in the life of a child. This can be achieved through quality education at the early childhood. Axiom has established Early Learning Centres to bridge a huge gap in the quality of education that children are getting in the country. These Centres serve children from ages 2-5 to provide quality education that is second to none and affordable to parents who are low-income earners in the country.

Affiliation Programmes

Axiom partners with foreign institutions to organise training programmes such as degree programmes, post-graduate programmes, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and summer training programmes etc. Axiom partnership spans across institutions in the UK, Australia, Europe and America.

Vocational Learning Academy

A-VLA seeks to equip young minds
At Axiom, we believe Vocational Education is designed to develop occupational skills as such it is a critical part of transformational change in Nigeria. Vocational and technical education gives individuals the skills to “live, learn and work as a productive citizens in a global society. Our training model seeks to equip young minds and professionals with hard skills that they can use to earn income, improve their lifestyle and wellbeing. We make available Mentorship/Apprenticeship opportunities post training.

Target Audience: Youths with a minimum of post-secondary school qualification as well as professionals who desire to improve their knowledge/ skills in a particular area. All our courses provide a guide towards local or international certification.

Courses currently offered include:


This module introduces you to the principles and development of digital photography and photographic special effects. It will consist of classroom sessions as well as practical workshops with our array of experienced professional photographers. At the end of the introductory course participants will have learnt the basics that can enable them produce a portfolio of digital photographs and a poster.

Food Handling Training Services

Food safety is very critical to healthy living as such it is important for people involved in the business of food handling to understand the rules of food handling and safety. This course is especially beneficial for food vendors, caterers etc. who desire to improve their services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Nanny Services

Early childhood is a critical period of rapid physical, cognitive, and psycho-social development of a child. The quality of care and education, which a child receives at this stage has a strong influence on the formation of intelligence, personality and social behavior of the child. It is therefore imperative to build professionals who have the knowledge, skills and attitude to train and develop children at this stage. The course will expose participants to the pedagogies of childcare and development, which will create placement opportunities within homes and other places where such professional services are required.

Social Media Content Management (SMCM):

Technology is playing a significant role in how organisations run and manage their business activities. Our SMCM course is designed to teach the basics of social media integration into business and how it can positively impact bottom-line. It is open to individuals and Micro/ Small business owners who desire to use technology to enhance business effectiveness and efficiency.