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Why choose Axiom Learning Solutions ?

The breadth and depth of our experience with leading-edge learning and development services, coupled with our close connections with decision makers and stakeholders across private, public and third sectors, give Axiom Learning Solutions Limited a vantage position to improve learning and development provision. In addition, we bring:

Outstanding Educators

Axiom Learning Solutions Limited attract a groups of talented educators and educationalists who are passionate and talented in their fields, and are poised to deliver not only academic but also professional sides as they educate their audiences.

Standby Teams

We have teams that are readily available to take on different roles and responsibilities during projects designs and implementations, all of whom are committed to working to achieve established goals and objectives, to ensure successes in all we do.

Nationwide Coverage

When projects demand implementations across different or specific states of Nigeria, Axiom has the capacity to deploy human and other resources across the six Geo-political regions of the country in order to ensure effective and successful projects implementations.

Exceptional Outcomes

Our clients have emerged post-training with outstanding results. We are committed to developing excellence in those who provide education through world-class training programmes and outstanding support, and we do so in a way that is measurable and sustainable.

Verifiable Experiences

Axiom Learning Solutions Limited have successfully deployed successful projects across all our business offerings, and with results and reports that can be verified.

Bespoke Solutions

Axiom develops and deploys solutions and services that are tailor-made for each client and specific projects. That way, we not only meet our clients needs but also exceptions as we deliver the end results.

Strong Values

Our values communicate what we care about beyond our mission and help guide our decision-making:

  • Our work is driven by evidence-based research, our own expertise and commitment to excellence in service delivery
  • We do what it takes to achieve results. We are purposeful in providing high-quality, responsive services. We work in close collaboration with our clients to develop models that challenge the status quo and raise expectations for what is possible in the effort to increase achievement levels, and we work hard to inform and influence the national dialogue on education policy.
  • We believe passionately in an inclusive education framework where all children can learn; we acknowledge and respect differences in children, e.g. gender, ethnicity, language, disability or health status but we believe that effective education structures, systems and methodologies are critical to meeting the needs of all children.
  • We believe in a healthy, productive work environment. We strive for a trusting, supportive culture that emphasizes collaboration and flexibility amongst all staff members. We push ourselves to higher levels of performance; we are committed to the success of those we represent.

Adherence to Standards and Methodologies

Axiom teams are trained to adhere to global, national and industry standards specific to projects currently being designed and implemented.

  • We ensure judicious attention is given to identifying the specific that each project falls under.
  • We ensure that the standards we are adopting for projects designs and implementations are the most current ones from their governing bodies.
  • We ensure that each and every member is duly briefed on the standards and.
  • We believe in a healthy, productive work environment. We strive for a trusting, supportive culture that emphasizes collaboration and flexibility amongst all staff members. We push ourselves to higher levels of performance; we are committed to the success of those we represent.

Learning and Development Solutions

Education is a core service area for Axiom Learning Solutions Limited.   The company commits to a broad definition of education, where all students are well positioned to succeed, in school and in life. To that end, we offer consultation services and direct services to schools, universities, communities, nonprofits, foundations and associations. In addition, the company Axiom Learning Solutions Ltd. forges a number of strategic national and international collaborations to enable it to successfully implement sustainable practices that lead to positive youth development and higher standards of educational attainment for all.

Our value adding services are characterised by the following:

  • Global network and reach
  • Partnership approach – sharing best practice and insight
  • Vast database of high quality learning content
  • Ongoing innovation and capability development
  • Solutions designed to match your specific needs

Customised Learning and Development solutions

Axiom Learning Solutions Limited can work with your organisation at various levels of programme or project design, from lightly tailored content or delivery through to high-level, customised learning and development solutions.

Our extensive capabilities and our rich library of tried and tested learning and development strategies combine with your specific context and requirements to deliver “world class”, bespoke solutions.

Our approach is distinguished by:

  • Knowledge about how to make the link between capabilities and performance and the organisation’s strategy and goals.
  • Cost-effective solutions for each client, be it individual, organisation or institution.
  • Inclusion of success criteria and metrics from the outset, which enables us to ensure our world class programmes deliver measurable value.
  • A solid design approach and solutions which ensures that the learning can be seamlessly applied, is engaging and sustainable.


  • Teacher Training/Development
    Teacher Training/ Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
    Teacher Assessment & Evaluation
  • Design of Education Management Framework
  • Education Policy Advisory
  • Curriculum Development
  • E-Learning
  • Axiom Academy
    Early Childhood Development
    Vocational Learning Academy
    Career Advisory Services

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  • Management Training for Organisations
  • CSR Project & Implementation
  • Project Design & Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

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