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Education is a core service area for Axiom Learning Solutions. The company commits to a broad definition of education, where all students are well positioned to succeed, in school and in life. To that end, we offer consultation services and direct services to schools, universities, communities, non profits, foundations and associations. In addition, the company Axiom Learning Solutions forges a number of strategic national and international collaborations to enable it to successfully implement sustainable practices that lead to positive youth development and higher standards of educational attainment for all.
Our capabilities stretch far beyond the design and delivery of learning. Other key areas of expertise and service delivery include the following:

1. Consulting and Project Management

Axiom Learning Solutions provides consultancy services on core needs such as curriculum development, rebranding of schools, quality assurance, impact assessment and change management, for schools and other entities operating within the education sector. We also offer a bespoke advisory and project management service to private sector companies that partner schools as part of a wider Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

2. Corporate Training and Development

Competitive advantage and delivering business goals is highly dependent on investing in people. Axiom Learning Solutions works with organisations to align and prioritise investment in capabilities and development with functional or organisationa' strategy and goals, identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours that support the strategic aims of a function or organisation; develop metrics to develop and evaluate the business impact from learning and development and identify the opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and development operations or prepare for outsourcing.

3. Educational Facilities

Axiom Learning Solutions provides education centres which provide a holistic environment for children to acquire a range of essential skills to complement their core school curriculum.

4. Logistics

Axiom Learning Solutions works with the public sector on a PPP arrangement to provide logistics that bridge the infrastructural and logistical gaps in the education framework, whilst allowing the public sector resources to concentrate on core educational needs and requirements

5. Management and Franchising

Axiom Learning Solutions provides management services for schools. This management service covers both core (e.g curriculum development, supporting accreditation) and non-core areas such as marketing and operations.

6. Outsourcing

Axiom Learning Solutions is able to supply highly trained, high quality and core personnel to organisations, when needed. Outsourcing allows our clients to leverage the best resources to allow greater focus on core business activities and priorities.

7. Research

We research, compile, disseminate and promote evidence-based best practices with the twin goals of raising standards of learning and development and supporting our c\ients in the achievement of their learning and development-related goals.

8. Teachers Training

Teacher Training (including retraining) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to teachers and school leaders in public and private sector institutions, to increase their capacity to support student achievement and success. Axiom Learning Solutionsl training modules have been tailor-made to fit the current education climate and to enhance and improve teaching standards.


Axiom Learning Solutions can work with your organisation at various levels of programme or project design, from lightly tailored content or delivery through to high-level, customised learning and development solutions.
Our extensive capabilities and our rich library of tried and tested learning and development strategies combine with your specific context and requirements to deliver "world class" , bespoke solutions.
Our approach is distinguished by:

  • Global network and reachKnowledge about how to make the link between capabilities and performance and the organisation's strategy and goals.
  • Cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of each organisation or institution.
  • Inclusion of success criteria and metrics from the outset, which enables us to ensure our world class programmes deliver measurable value.
  • A solid design approach, which ensures that the learning method is engaging, sustainable and can be seamlessly applied.
  • Our research and capability to design solutions that are at the forefront of Innovative practice use of a resource centre, blogs, articles and videos to keep the learning alive.


Raising levels of educational attainment starts with providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most.
Teachers and school leaders deserve professional development opportunities that give them the support they need, raise their capabilities and enable them to collaborate and share best practices. Axiom Learning Solutions has developed a strong presence and enviable reputation for excellence in the arena of continuous professional development for teachers and school leaders; from coaching individual principals to designing state-wide evaluation systems to training in essential skills. Our range of courses is designed to assist teachers and school leaders to engage with new learning and teaching techniques and dialogue.
Axiom Learning Solutions is committed to developing, supporting and influencing academic excellence, creativity and innovation in teaching practice.
Our aim is to:

  • Inspire teachers and school leaders to engage with educational development opportunities that we provide to help support and develop their academic excellence, creativity and innovation in practice
  • Work in partnership with educational institutions to create transformational and supportive learning experiences for all.

Teacher Evaluation Systems

A large majority of teacher evaluation systems fail to give schools meaningful information about teacher performance or provide teachers with the useful feedback they deserve as professionals. Without feedback, sustainable improvements will not be made. Axiom Learning Solutions helps states and educational authorities create rigorous, fair and accurate teacher evaluation and development systems centred on how teachers are performing in their most critical role: advancing student learning.

Developing School Leadership

Meaningful evaluations depend on strong school leaders. Axiom Learning Solutions helps principals and assistant principals embrace their primary responsibility as instructional leaders assessing instruction, delivering helpful feedback, and building effective teaching teams. With a clearer understanding of individual teachers! strengths and weaknesses, school leaders can make informed decisions about teacher hiring and staffing, development, compensation, promotion and retention.

Targeted Training Programmes

Axiom Learning Solutions delivers on-going, essential skills training to teachers ranging from basic instruction in the use of technology through to off-the-shelf training modules, including but not limited to, Classroom Management, Lesson Plan Development, Activity-Based Learning Approaches and Multigrade Teaching.

Individual/ Group sessions

Axiom Learning Solutions has significant expertise in teaching, assessment and feedback, curriculum design, evaluation, and building learning communities, as well as educational technologies and professional development planning. Axiom Learning Solutions can deliver training in all of these areas via a range of scheduled sessions and individually tailored sessions on request.
Our value adding services are characterised by the following:

  • Global network and reach.
  • Partnership approach - sharing best practice and insight.
  • Vast database of high quality learning content.
  • Ongoing innovation and capability development.
  • Solutions designed to match your specific needs.

Our Clients

We are proud to offer high quality services to both public and private organisations as well as organisations working within the third sector (NGOs, CSOs, etc). Our approach in implementing integrated solutions enables us to deepen our understanding of our clients’ needs and most importantly create a sustainable platform for innovation and process improvement within our clients’ organisations. The partnership approach we adopt in providing solutions for our clients, promote a collaborative and positive regard in the execution of all the projects we embark.

Our Partners