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Reshaping Education in Africa 2020

Powered by Axiom Learning Solutions

This challenge has been conceptualized to trigger Innovation among teachers in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic


Axiom Learning Solutions launched an Advocacy Campaign for teachers during A 4-part webinar series, and a key highlight from the discussions during the Webinar Series was the need to inspire teachers.”

Over the last 4 weeks, our Management Team, its Academic Board and Advisory Board have thought of how best to inspire teachers. Our conclusion is that one of the best ways is that through design, Axiom will provide a collaborative competition that will be launched to capture innovative solutions and address teaching gaps post COVID-19 global pandemic. This will also serve as a central point for knowledge sharing amongst teachers. This gave birth to the proposed concept of a post COVID-19 Teachers Innovation Challenge titled” Reshaping Education In Africa 2020”

To ensure we inspire teachers, we have come up with a Collaborative design process for the competition to gain feedback from all stakeholders. Once we receive feedback from all innovators and stakeholders, the data will evolve how the conditions of the competition will shape up and how the competition will be launched.

(During Stage 4, Good and Credible solutions are matched with prospective partners for Scale up)

Stage 1 is now open at the end of this conference, kindly share your ideas on how the competition should be designed, and what it should address by filling the section as applicable below

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